You're never gonna know if you don't ask...

Ask. Tell. Learn.
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I like to ask questions. I like to be asked questions. People like to talk about themselves because that's what they know the most about. I don't think it's a matter of being egotistical or self-absorbed (which is fine for the most part, by the way)...I see it as self-exploration- insight which is essential to the growth and understanding of oneself and better communication and connections with others. I believe in honesty and audacity- people are so afraid of their flaws and shortcomings that their insecurities can ultimately swallow up the potential for a more satisfying existence and force them to settle for much less than what they really want out of life.

No introductions are necessary, but they aren't discouraged. In your posts, all you need to do is ask a question, or a few questions, or several questions. Whatever suits your mood. This community is about your candid inquiries, opinions, perspectives and ideas. And comment! Take up space! Ramble! Don't be shy.

This community is like the original (the_curious), but ALL members have posting access. Oh, and none of that ridiculous elitist crap- I'd never make anyone fill out an application to be "accepted". Everyone has questions, everyone has opinions.

The only rules are honesty, openess, fearlessness, and consideration (for other people's replies.) "Insignificant" questions are more than welcome. The tiny details are important.

Mayhem? Madness? Perhaps. Let it be a social experiment. Join. Be curious. Be kind. But please...please please please...put some thought into your questions (and answers).

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